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 “8 Extremely Hot Sex Positions To Save for Your Favorite Season, AKA Fall”

“A Guide for Having the Sexiest Solo Valentine’s Day”

“11 Extremely Hot and Effective Ways to Masturbate Without a Vibrator”

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“She is the perfect combo of sweet and sassy. Working with her feels like working with your best friend!”
– Alexa

“I’ve learned a lot about myself and am now learning more about my needs. I am excited to continue working with Jordan!!”
– Roxanna

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Vaginas, Vulvas, & Vibrators

Vaginas, Vulvas, and Vibrators with Jordan D’Nelle is designed to give women a place to learn about women’s health and sexual wellness. Tune for topics that are relevant to learning how women’s bodies work and how to improve your intimate life. Subscribe and tune in each Thursday to continue to bring awareness to women health.

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