Did you know that 53% of people give up on their New Year’s goals by January 19th? (Research by Strava)

But not you, NOT THIS YEAR.

It’s time to step into the person you are becoming and unleash your sexual energy.

Crush your goals by tapping into your own power. Get the secrets to take your self pleasure beyond the bedroom and manifest a life according to your goals.
Orgasmic manifestation has become a huge part of my life. I personally have used it to obtain some of my biggest achievements including; being featured in cosmopolitan magazine, no longer working full time and freedom to travel, my new Range Rover, partners, and SO MUCH MORE! Using orgasmic manifestation, my goals continue to be CRUSHED!

The secret to stepping into the person you are about to become is creating a reoccurring practice that serves you over and over again.

This isn’t just a two-hour masterclass, this is the ritual you have been waiting for:
* Stay focused all year long
* Achieve your goals
* Get connection to your true self
* Make self-pleasure intentional and powerful

This is the exact process I have you and I want to share my secret with you to help achieve your goals.

Are you ready to Unleash Your Sexual Energy and manifest all of your 2024 goals?

Unleash Your Sexual Power – The Orgasmic Manifestation Experience is for you if …
You want to learn more the power of your sexual energy

You want to use manifestation to take it to the next level

You desire to connect with yourself deeper

You have some big 2024 goals! 

” I am a better version of myself after working with Jordan.”
– Vickie
“If you are looking for a safe and empowering place to level up, THIS IS IT.”
– Annaliese

Unleash Your Sexual Power is the 2 hour interactive experience that will change your life.

* Strengthen your connection to self
* The basics of manifestation
* How to create your own orgasmic manifestation ritual

* The secret to crushing your goals
* Creating safety for you to step into the person you are about to become in 2024.
“My work with her transformed by ability to get out of my mind and into my body.” -Sarah

The Dets:

A 2 hour recorded guided experience.



* Orgasmic Manifestation Meditation ($99 Value)

* Orgasmic Manifestation Journal ($49 Value)

* Orgasmic Manifestation Playlist ($19 Value)

* The Recorded Orgasmic Manifestation Experience ($197 Value)

A Total Value of $364 


Only $22!

“Jordan is the perfect combo of sweet and sassy. Working with her feels like working with your best friend!”
I’m Jordan D’Nelle.

I am a women’s sexual health educator and intimacy coach helping women become empowered, confident and shine every damn day inside and outside of the bedroom.

Early on in life I learned that my body was unsafe and unwanted – developing a fear of rejection from day one. Worse yet,  I struggled with connecting to my true self and walking through life as a fully confident woman. Now, I’ll be honest, when I first heard about orgasmic manifestation I wasn’t convinced but LET ME TELL YOU…

Through my orgasmic manifestation routine I have been able to find safety in my body, letting me step into a more confident, connected and present ME.  

Having routine and rituals in my life have completely changed my life. I personally notice that when I fall out of routine my mood changes, my attitude is affected, and I feel a huge shift, not for the better.

This is why incorporating an orgasmic manifestation ritual into your life can have so much power. 

It took me learning that I needed the consistent routine and to reassure my body that I am safe to realize how valuable it was to achieving my goals and being a more present human.

This ritual is too powerful to keep to myself and you can have a similar shift in your own life.

Next steps & How It Works

After registration, you will receive email with the recording guided experience and additional resources.
“I rant and rave about Jordan to everyone I know. She provides an informative, inviting and supportive environment.”
– Haley
“I’ve learned a lot about my body and needs by working with Jordan. I am excited to continue my sexual development journey with her! ”
– Roxanna



Who is Unleash Your Sexual Energy for?

Women who:

    • You want to learn more the power of your sexual energy
    • You want to take your manifestation to the next level
    • You desire to connect with yourself deeper
    • You have some big 2024 goals!
What does this experience include?

A 2 hour recorded guided Zoom call to learn the fundamentals and make a ritual to use over your lifetime.

Plus, you will receive the following BONUSES (A Total Value of $364):

    • Orgasmic Manifestation Meditation ($99 Value)
    • Orgasmic Manifestation Journal ($49 Value)
    • Orgasmic Manifestation Playlist ($19 Value)
    • The Recorded Orgasmic Manifestation Experience ($197 Value)

What results can I expect?

    • A shift in your life allowing you to hit your goals and reach higher potential. What ever that looks like for you.
    • A ritual that you can continue to use over and over again for continued connection and confidence

What is Orgasmic Manifestation?

Orgasmic Manifestation is harnessing your sexual energy to manifest your desires.

What if I attended a prior Orgasmic Manifestation class with you?

THIS IS SO DIFFERENT. This is a whole experience unlike my prior masterclass. You will be taught not only how to make your own routine, but we will be live going through additional exercises like breath-work, journal and so much more. This experience is a whole immersion; and you will be taught some additional tips and tricks I have discovered as I continue to use this ritual.

Secure Your Spot!

Only $22!

“I am deeply honored to have Jordan in my corner.”
– Ashleigh

One last thing…

I personally guarantee if you don’t feel a shift in setting your ritual, I’ll gift you one 1:1 call to help you unlock your sexual energy.

A better 2024 is waiting for you, I just know it!

Now let’s chase your dreams! 

♥ Jordan D’Nelle