Are you wanting to be empowered in the bedroom? 

Are you desiring to become sexually confident? 

Are you longing to embrace and embody your sexuality? 

Are you feeling stuck and shameful for your sexual desires?

If any of these resonate with you then this Sexual Empowerment EFT is for you.

EFT is used to create quick and powerful shifts in the body, moving you through stuck emotions and limiting beliefs. 

In this pre-recorded workshop, I will be guiding you though a powerful exercise to help you become the sexually empowered women you are craving to be.

Embody and embrace the sexual woman you are!


Who is this workshop for?                                 
     Women is my community who are desiring to embody the sexual being they are.


How long is the workshop?    
      The workshop is about 30 minutes.

When is the workshop? 
      This is the replay of the LIVE workshop

How much is it to join?

    It is $22 for this workshop.

    ” I am a better version of myself after working with Jordan.”
    – Vickie
    “If you are looking for a safe and empowering place THIS IS IT.”
    – Annaliese
    I’m Jordan D’Nelle.

    I am a women’s sexual health educator, intimacy coach, and Physician Associate helping women find power in their sexuality, become confident and shine every damn day inside and outside of the bedroom.

    A couple of years ago I started on this journey after I discovered how mediocre my sex was. I didn’t even realize I was missing out on all the pleasure I could be having. The sex felt “fine.”

    At that time, I had to sit down with myself and really discover what good sex was to me. Until I knew what that was, I was not going to be able to cultivate even better experiences.

    What I learned is that I didn’t event know how much pleasure I could be having and that I was limiting my pleasure. There are so many ways to receive pleasure in the bedroom and so many different experiences that can increase the amount of pleasure. But if you don’t know they exist, you don’t even know what is possible.

    I decided that I was no longer available for mediocre sex and wanted to take this challenge on.

    So what I did was start exploring new ways to receive pleasure and boy was I shocked how much I was missing out.

    Now, I am sharing my love for sexuality, pleasure and the female body with women across the globe by cultivating intentional space for women to learn and feel supported along the way.

    You too can find power in your sexuality!

    ♥ Jordan D’Nelle