According to Huffpost, 73% of women are still confused about what a vulva is. 

Unfortunately, most of us did not receive a quality sex education. Actually, 87% of teenage girls received a “say no to sex” type of sex education (CDC, 2010) 

The importance for a comprehensive sex education is clear. AND we are not getting it, when we need it most. 

Do you feel you have a good understanding about the basics of human anatomy and female pleasure?

What if I told you there is a whole world of pleasure potential available to you and you might not even know these tools exist.

Many women I talk with do not know proper genital terminology, the basics of their hormones, different birth control options, or how lubricants, toys and pleasure enhancing products can be used. 

We deserve to know the basics of our sexual health!

The Sex Ed You Wish You Had is going to help empower you as a sexual being and give you the basics you deserve to know. 

The Sex Ed You Wish You Had is for you if …
You received an abstinence, shame based sex ed
You desire to understand the basics about sex and your body
You want to feel confident as a sexual being
You are starting your sexual exploration journey

” I am a better version of myself after working with Jordan.”
– Vickie

“If you are looking for a safe and empowering place THIS IS IT.”
– Annaliese

“My work with her transformed my ability to get out of my mind and into my body.” -Sarah

The Deets:

7 Self-Paced Modules


*  Sexy Consent ($44 Value)

* Jordan’s Little Black Book of Resources ($77 Value)

A Total BONUS Value of $121

For only $44

“Jordan is the perfect combo of sweet and sassy. Working with her feels like working with your best friend!”

I’m Jordan D’Nelle.

I am a women’s sexual health educator, intimacy coach, and Physician Associate helping women become empowered, confident and shine every damn day inside and outside of the bedroom.

My desire to understand sexual health started at a young age. I was always the friend my girlfriends asked body questions to. 


I was always the girl that my friends went to talk about pleasure, sex, birth control, plan B and more! 

I can remember one of my high school health project was about STIs. 

I never really understood the basics of my body. I was well in my twenties before I understood what a vulva was, or an orgasm. 

I know so many of us also received a similar education where the basics were neglected and our sexual health education was based around male pleasure if pleasure was discussed. 

I feel like I didn’t receive the education I so desperately needed and deserve.  

I’ve have found through out my 11 years of working with women that so many women are in the same boat as I was and as desperately need this information, which is why I created a comprehensive sex education program. For so many of the women I have worked with I have found gaps in the sex ed they have received, leaving them curious and unsure about their bodies. With The Sex Ed You Wish You had you will leave as a confident and empowered women in the bedroom. 

Jordan D’Nelle


Who is The Sex Ed You Wish You Had for?

Women who:

    • Received an abstinence based, shame driven sex ed
    • Desire to understand the basics of sex, sexual health, and their body
    • Want to feel confident in their sexual knowledge 
    • Are starting their sexual exploration journey.
What does The Sex Ed You Wish You Had include?
    • Module 1: Anatomy
    • Module 2: Hormones and Birth Control
    • Module 3: Sexually Transmitted Infections
    • Module 4: Lubricant
    • Module 5: Toys
    • Module 6: Pleasure Positive Accessories
    • Module 7: Wrapping it Up

Plus, you will receive the following BONUSES (A Total Value of $121):

    • Sexy Consent ($44 Value)
    • Jordan’s Little Black Book of Resources ($77 Value)

What results can I expect from The Sex Ed You Wish You Had?

    • A comprehensive sex education
    • Feeling confident in understanding your body, the basics of sexual health and pleasure
    • Become empowered in the bedroom

When does the program start?

This is a self-paced mini program. There is a suggestion completion timeline however, this is at your own desired paced.

What if I desire more?

I am available to offer additional types of support depending on your individual desires. Please send me a message and we can chat about what that looks like for you.

What happens after I register?

You will receive access to the mini program via email within 24 hours of registering.

“I rant and rave about Jordan to everyone I know. She provides an informative, inviting and supportive environment.”
– Haley

“I’ve learned a lot about my body and needs by working with Jordan. I am excited to continue my sexual development journey with her! “
– Roxanna